Thursday, 10 January 2013

Justin and Harry’s Excellent Adventure

Justin and Harry’s Excellent Adventure

Word on the blogosphere is that Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are going to go on a post-girlfriend escapade. As you all know, Justin recently split (for real this time) with Selena Gomez and Harry Styles had a falling out with Taylor Swift (everyone grab your pens and papers, we got some new song material coming up). Those two girls are BFFs and so it makes sense that the Biebs and Styles would high-five each other in their loneliness and try to meet up. I imagine their vacation to be a lot like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Harry will say, “Excellent!” a lot and Justin will eye all the babes on their bromantic holiday in either Las Vegas or Mexico over spring break. Have fun, guys! Take lots of photos.

Watch the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure trailer from 1989 (by the way, Justin was born five years after this) here as a preview to what I’m sure will be a memorable vacation.


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