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Crowd will clap during Ajay Devgn ‘s entry in Himmatwala

Crowd will clap during Ajay Devgn ‘s entry in Himmatwala

ajay-Devgn (2)

Ajay Devgn ’s “Himmatwala” has been making huge bu in the B-Town especially because of its unique theme of revival of the 1980’s magic in Bollywood cinema. It is directed by Sajid Khan who delivered blockbusters like Hey Baby and Housefull series and is all set release on 29th of March.

Sajid Khan started the bu again saying Ajay Devgn’s intro in the movie is a highlight and he’s confident that people will clap for that scene and if not he is ready to refund the ticket money!

He said “If you talk about the 1980s – what used to happen in 1980s movies – it doesn’t happen any more – the hero’s entry. Except for a couple of Salman Khan’s films, no importance is given to the hero’s entry. The kind of entry that Amitabh Bachchan had in ‘Coolie’, for me, it’s the entry of all time,” and added he liked Ajay Devgn’s entry in ‘Phool Aur Kaante’.

This is an open challenge that if viewers won’t clap on Ajay’s entry in ‘Himmatwala’, I will refund the ticket money.” Said Sajid.

“I have designed such an entry for Ajay Devgn that I was clapping while I was writing it, I was clapping while I was shooting it. I have given a lot of stress on entry,” he added.

The movie stars Tamannah as the female lead who is a southern actress and music is composed by Sajid-wahid which is already a big hit.

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John Abraham admits to making mistakes

John Abraham admits to making mistakes

John Abraham

John Abraham’s new movie I, Me Aur Main is not doing as good as expected at box office. To this John said “It came as a surprise for me too. I reali ed that we made a lot of mistakes with this film and says that i have a lot learned from them.”

He also blamed the way the film was marketed. ” The film was marketed as love triangle between me, Prachi and Chitrangada but the movie is very far from that. If we marketed our film the way it is not concentrating too much on the glamour quotient then the movie would have worked a lot better,” he added.

He justified by saying” Teenagers, who form most of my fan base, have been busy with their exams and could not watch the film. Each of us have given our best to make this film work, I think the film could have been a victim of unfortunate timing. ”

John Abraham is currently working in his next movie “Shootout at Wadala” and recently reports suggest that he approached Anurag Kashyap to make a sequel to the movie “No Smoking”.

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Saif Ali Khan to team up with the blockbuster specialist

Saif Ali Khan to team up with the blockbuster specialist


It took actor Saif Ali Khan around 10 years to get into the elite league of Bollywood after doing lot of supporting roles since his debut in 1992. And with his recent outing Race-2 he also joined 100 crore club. Majority of his successful movies are of romance/comedy genre and he did not taste much success with his action movies but now the wait could be over as he is all set to team up with director Prabhudeva who is the specialist of action/masala movies.

The movie this time won’t be produced by Saif Ali khan’s Illumnati Films and will be produced by Reliance Entertainments.” Prabhudheva will first complete his yet-untitled film with Ajay Devgn before he takes up the Saif-starrer. The idea is to come up with a entertainer, the genre that Prabhu sir excels in. If all goes well, the film will go on the floors by March next year,” says an insider” Said the source.

Saif and Prabhudheva have already had discussions about the storyline. But both of them are yet to discuss other details of the project since they are caught up with their respective films (while Prabhudheva is busy with the post-production of Ramaiyya Vastavaiyya, Saif is wrapping up Bullet Raja,” adds the source.

Prabhudeva, who delivered blockbusters like “Wanted”, “Rowdy Rathore” is now the director in demand and is directing Ajay Devgn next and then Saif Ali Khan’s project will go onto the sets.

Hope this movie will clear the apprehensions that Saif Ali Khan as a sole hero cannot cross 100 crore.

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Bust into spring break early with the Spring Breakers soundtrack

Bust into spring break early with the Spring Breakers soundtrack


We’re highly anticipating Spring Breakers which we predict will be a hit for the summer. The movie which stars Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gome , Pretty Little Liar‘s Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and James Franco illustrates a highly styli ed and violent version of a spring break gone wild (and dangerous). Skrillex produced the original score for the film and also features like likes of Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka Flame, Rick Ross, as well as a duet featuring James Franco and Dangeruss.

The track Hangin’ With Da Dopeboys and James’ character Alien was apparently inspired by the Florida-based Dengeruss, contrary to what Riff Raff, another rapper, believes. Entertainment Weekly talked to Riff Raff and learned that Riff Raff felt like he was ripped off. “James Franco’s image [in the movie] can only be pointed back to one person: me,” said Riff Raff to EW. “That’s Riff Raff. No gangster would dress like that. I’m the only person who would do that. And I’m an icon. I’m a worldwide icon.”

The soundtrack is filled with dubstep and gritty raps and should not be missed. The Spring Breakers soundtrack can be streamed at Pitchfork‘s site here and check out the trailer for Spring Breakers which comes out March 29.


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Ashley Benson says her Boyfriend video upset Justin Bieber

Ashley Benson says her Boyfriend video upset Justin Bieber


Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson scored the cover of April’s Seventeen Maga ine. Inside, the actress shares her feelings on fashion, dating and the Biebs. Earlier this year, Benson and her Spring Breakers co-star James Franco released a parody video of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend, with Franco playing the Biebs and Benson as one of his admirers. The video went viral and gained a lot of attention, but not all of it was positive. Justin, a friend of Benson’s, was not too impressed, with Franco removing the video at Bieber’s request.

Benson, who became friends with Justin’s ex Selena Gome while she was dating Justin’s close friend Ryan Good, told Seventeen “I haven’t heard from Selena [about the “Boyfriend” parody]! People thought that I was being mean, but I was just doing what the girl did in the video. It wasn’t a jab at her.” Unlike Gome , Bieber was not as quiet about his feelings on the video. Benson continues, saying “But I heard from Justin. He wasn’t happy. Justin is like my little brother since he and my ex [Ryan Good] are so close. Anytime you go through a breakup, the friends get defensive. But all is well in that area now.”

Benson also talked to the maga ine about her decision to star in Spring Breakers alongside Franco, Gome , and Vanessa Hudgens. “Selena, Vanessa, and I all came from a Disney background, and [Spring Breakers] was different from anything we’ve done. But we wanted to prove that we’re not just girls who play happy parts. It was such a cra y experience—I’m so proud of all of us. I’m really excited for everybody to see it.”

When she’s not shooting movies or parody videos, Benson says she stays busy trying to find a boyfriend for her bestie and PLL co-star Shay Mitchell. “One of my best friends is Shay Mitchell and she’ll be like, ‘I want a boyfriend!’ She’s been looking for three years…Every guy wants to date her, but she’s like, ‘No. No. No. No.’ I’m always on the lookout for Shay. Always. I’m always trying to get her a boyfriend!”

Watch Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin every Tuesday at 8E/5P on Pretty Little Liars.


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Halle Berry revives Storm for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

Halle Berry revives Storm for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

Halle Berry 2

Director Bryan Singer announced via Twitter last night that Halle Berry will reprise her role as the weather-controlling mutant, Storm, in next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. This announcement is just the latest by the film’s director, who has been using his Twitter account to make official announcements.

Although this is a sequel to the prequel, X-Men: First Class, many of the main characters from the original trilogy will be returning. The new film will be based on an arc from Marvel Comics’ 1981 Uncanny X-Men. The story follows an older Kitty Pryde (played by Ellen Page in the films) who time travels back in time, by transferring her mind into her younger self, in order to change the present war against mutantkind.

Berry will reunite with X-Men trilogy alumni Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore. Only four cast members are returning from First Class, including James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. That is a lot of star power for one film!

As exciting as it sounds, a challenge will be giving each character a fair amount of screen time and development, without disappointing fans. Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand received generally poor reviews from critics and fans for overloading the film with too many characters that went undeveloped. Hopefully, Singer can better manage such a big ensemble.

It seems like using original cast members for sequels is becoming a trend in the world of sci-fi films. Carrie Fisher to Palm Beach Illustrated yesterday that she will reprise her role as Princess Leia in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII. Fisher will reunite with Harrison Ford, who will return as Hans Solo. Also rumoured to make a comeback into the Star Wars franchise is Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

X-Men: Days of Future Past starts filming in Montreal on April 15, with a theatrical release date set for July 18, 2014.

What are your thoughts on the latest casting news? Are there too many characters for one film to give fair development and distribution of screen time to?

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Kanye knows you don’t like his kilt

Kanye knows you don’t like his kilt


Kanye West called up Hot 97 and talked in a candid and rare interview regarding being slated at No. 7 on a ‘Hottest MCs in the Game’ list. Talking to DJ Enuf on The Angie Martine Show he commented on a perceived bias from the list creators saying, “What happens with them… I had like the pink polo and the backpack and I’m checkin’ all the boxes of that Tribe Called Quest era and J. Dilla and all that, so they wanna champion it. They don’t like Givenchy Kanye. They don’t like Kanye in a kilt. They don’t like Kanye in a relationship.” Hold up, they don’t like Kanye in a kilt? Because the last time I checked wearing Givenchy, a kilt, or being in a relationship didn’t have a direct correlation on MCing abilities.

But that’s okay. Imma let Kanye talk some more.

Kanye commented on the top spots supporting others by saying, “”Yeah, I just think… him and [Jay- ] and [Eminem] and certain people are just the greatest rappers of all time.” That’s pretty humble of you, Kanye! But honestly, when was the last time you cared what anyone thought?

Check out Kanye wearing a kilt in his hit video for Paris with Jay- here.

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Where does Justin Timberlake’s SNL promo rank?

Where does Justin Timberlake’s SNL promo rank?


Justin Timberlake is the host and musical guest for SNL this weekend, making his impressive sixth appearance as the show’s host. NBC released Timberlake’s promo today for Saturday’s show, with Timberlake joking about forgetting his suit and tie and multi-tasking as host, musical guest, camera and sound operator, and make up artist along with cast member Kenan Thompson.

Along with Timberlake’s comedic timing and spot-on impersonations of everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Andy Gibb, Justin’s gig on the show this week while also likely include some big name guest appearances. SNL alum and co-performer of Dick In A Box, Andy Samberg, will likely appear on this weekend’s episode. As the musical guest, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jay- show up during Justin’s performance of Suit and Tie. But with no guest confirmed, right now all we have to go on is the promo.

As a six-time host, we decided to take a look at some of Justin’s best moments in SNL promos to see how today’s new addition stacks up.

5. Justin and Kenan Thompson – Show Date March 9, 2013

It’s funny, it’s timely, and it gets off the Suit and Tie joke just in time to keep me from getting off the computer.

4. Justin and Andy Samberg – May 2009

Justin hosted alongside musical guest and his Love, Sex and Magic co-creator Ciara in May 2009. Samberg and Timberlake shot the promo together and while there were definitely funny moments, Timberlake unfortunately played the straight man to Samberg’s off beat humour. These two are at their best when riffing off one another.

3. Justin and Amy Poehler – December 2006

Ten feet would feel like one million feet with Justin.

2. Justin and Lady Gaga – May 2011

Timberlake was able to make the larger than life Lady Gaga seem relatable, even getting the New York native to make fun of herself.

1. Justin and Andy Samberg – May 2011

Justin + Andy = Friends Forever


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Happy Birthday Tyler, The Creator!

Happy Birthday Tyler, The Creator!


Dear Tyler, The Creator,

We saw some birthday cake in your odd future.

Happy Birthday!


Your friends at MUCH

Check out this Tyler, The Creator hit video for Yonkers here and share your birthday wishes for Tyler in the comments section below!

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Watch Rihanna’s reaction to her Diamonds World Tour stage

Watch Rihanna’s reaction to her Diamonds World Tour stage


The stage is almost set for Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour. With only two days to go until the latest tour by Rihanna kicks off, the singer is giving fans a sneak peek into the making of the Diamonds Stage. Involved in every step of the process, the video shows Rihanna working with her designers on the video content and lighting for the stage.

In between working hard on her upcoming tour, Rihanna took some time this week to post a picture of herself on her Instagram account, wearing a pair of thong underwear and new boots. Oh Rih Rih.

Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour begins this Friday in Buffalo and hits Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary later this month.

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Petition for Ignition (Remix) to become new American national anthem goes viral

Petition for Ignition (Remix) to become new American national anthem goes viral


How would you feel if instead of Star Spangled Banner Americans would sing R. Kelly’s 2003 hit Ignition (Remix)? There is a White House petition filed online asking President of the United States Barack Obama to “recogni e the need for a new national anthem, one that even a decade after its creation, is still hot and fresh out the kitchen.” There are a least two thousand signatures and it would take about 100,000 to get the administration to notice and address the petition.

The following is the full petition; “WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: change the national anthem to R. Kelly’s 2003 hit “Ignition (Remix).” We, the undersigned, would like the Obama administration to recogni e the need for a new national anthem, one that even a decade after its creation, is still hot and fresh out the kitchen. America has changed since Francis Scott Key penned our current anthem in 1814. Since then, we have reali ed that after the show, it’s the afterparty, and that after the party, it’s the hotel lobby, and–perhaps most importantly–that ’round about four, you’ve got to clear the lobby, at which point it’s strongly recommended that you take it to the room and freak somebody. President Obama: we ask you to recogni e the evolution of this beautiful country and give us an anthem that better suits the glorious nation we have become.”

If you could change the Canadian national anthem, what song would you change it to? Tell us in the comments section! And for those uninitiated, Ignition (Remix) is here for you to listen to. Take the petition to the hotel lobby!


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Beyonce goes Blonde for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Beyonce goes Blonde for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour


Beyonce has debuted a new look in her latest poster for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The dark haired beauty has brighten up her hue with a blonde wig, mugging for the camera on her Pepsi-sponsored tour photo. Starting on April 15 in Serbia, the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour will take Beyonce across Europe and North America, with unfortunately only two Canadian stops.

The 46-date tour will conclude on August 3 at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, where Beyonce and husband Jay- , real name Shawn Carter, have a $1 million nursery for their daughter Blue Ivy. Beyonce’s last world tour was in 2009 with the I AM…World Tour, which ran for almost one year and included 108 shows.


June 28: Los Angeles (BET Experience/Staples Center)

June 29: Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

July 2: San Jose, CA (HP Pavilion at San Jose)

July 5: Oklahoma City, OK (Chesapeake Energy Arena)

July 6: Dallas, TX (American Airlines Center)

July 9: Ft. Lauderdale, FL (BB&T Center)

July 10: Miami, FL (American Airlines Arena)

July 12: Atlanta, GA (The Arena @ Gwinnett Center)

Julu 13: Nashville, TN (Bridgestone Arena)

July 15: Houston, TX (Toyota Center)

July 17: Chicago, IL (United Center)

July 18: St. Paul, MN (Xcel Energy Center)

July 20: Detroit, MI (The Palace of Auburn Hills)

Julu 21: Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)

July 22: Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)

July 23: Boston, MA (TD Garden)

July 25: Philadelphia, PA (Wells Fargo Center)

July 26: Atlantic City, NJ (Boardwalk Hall)

July 27: Charlotte, NC (Time Warner Cable Arena)

July 29: Washington, DC (Veri on Center)

Aug. 2: Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun)

Aug. 3: Brooklyn, NY (Barclays Center)


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Bollywood Style Check: Shilpa Shetty in Nandita Mahtani design

Bollywood Style Check: Shilpa Shetty in Nandita Mahtani design

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty looked gorgeous in a white and pink net sari by designer Nandita Mahtani, on the sets of Nach Baliye. Her hair was styled in voluminous waves, half up half down. Wine colored lipstick, winged eyeliner and smokey green eyes completed the mesmeri ing look.

Shilpa made this simple look so interestingly beautiful.

The actress is on a roll. Shilpa regained her coveted figure very quick. She lost a whooping 18 kilos withing few months.

Speaking about her transformation, Shilpa said, “…I realised this one day when I bent to pick up Viaan. More than about not being fat it was about being fit. Fortunately, I had a good trainer. After five-and-a-half months of exercise I had lost 18 kilos.”

Shilpa also says that losing weight is difficult but not impossible. Shetty continued to say, “If I can lose weight, anyone can. I would like to tell new mothers not to ignore themselves. It’s just about exercising for an hour every day for four-five days a week and eating right. Usually, mothers use the excuse of not having any time for exercising, as they are busy looking after the child. But that’s just being la y. For the first nine months, a child sleeps a lot. Mothers should utilise that time to do some cardio and gymming.”

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Amitabh Bachchan urges people to start respecting women

Amitabh Bachchan urges people to start respecting women

Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood’s superstar Amitabh Bachchan has asked people to start respecting women and treat them right. He made an appeal to the people to show them the required dignity.

“Stop this disrespect! Measure the presence of women in our existence with required dignity! Protect them that fall unfortunate victims to savage inhuman intent and stand tough against them who raise their hands to defile them,” the 70-year-old posted on his blog

“Despite great awareness ideals that have taken space and demonstration among the society, the atrocities continue with abandon. Great introspection needs to be done to fathom the reason and the continuous disregard for all that should be looked upon as an evil.

“I will not agree with the reasoning that such incidents happen all over the world or whether the statistics favour another region or not. I am interested in why it is happening at all,” Amitabh Bachchan further added.

International Women’s Day falls on Friday, this week and Big B is supporting Breakthrough’s latest campaign. The campaign calls on men and boys to take a stand against domestic violence.

“8 March, I will be doing my bit to make the world a safer place for women. What’s your promise? Ring the bell,” he posted.

“Supporting Breakthrough’s latest campaign. Will ring the bell for a world where women feel safe, free, and secure. One million men make one million promises to end violence against women this year. What’s yours? There is a cause that needs support. There is a call that needs attention. And there is a heart that needs to be heard,” he further posted.

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RGV reacts to harsh criticism towards “The attacks .. “

RGV reacts to harsh criticism towards “The attacks .. “


Recently released movie of RGV  “The Attacks of 26/11″  which gave huge insights in the Mumbai bomb blasts to the public. On other side it has been facing harsh criticism saying that the movie is trying to cash in on the emotional tragedy which left the country in shock.

But filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma stands by his stance that “life-changing” events like the night of 26/11 must be chronicled. He is happy with the response to his movie “The Attacks of 26/11″, and maintains that it is not against any community or a religion. He said “I think it’s very important that life-changing events like those what happened on the night of 26/11 should be chronicled in every manner – be it through books or documentaries or feature films”.

RGV said “Well as long as I was clear about my intent and the honesty in my heart, I didn’t want to give importance to the people who were accusing me of all kinds of things without even knowing in what context I was wanting to make the 26/11 attacks into a film. “I even got the permissions for shooting in the original locations because once they understood my intent, everyone more or less went out of their way to co-operate with me. Understandably, the Taj management didn’t want to for the reason that its a running hotel and also they didn’t want to revisit the tragedy.”

The movie, released March 1, featured Nana Patekar and Sanjeev Jaiswal who themselves have been receiving great reviews for their performances as well.

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When Arshad and Boman debated over Salman Khan’s marriage

When Arshad and Boman debated over Salman Khan’s marriage

Boman, Arshad, Salman Khan

Salman Khan is 47-year-old and is currently one of the most eligible bachelors of Bollywood. More than the actor, other around him are more concerned about his marriage.

Khan’s marriage recently became a hot topic of discussion between Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani at an award function. Arshad and Boman play rival lawyers in their upcoming film Jolly LLB film, and so the duo enacted a skit on stage, debating over Salman Khan’s marriage. A very interesting way to promote a film, indeed.

While Boman was in favor of the superstar getting married, Arshad Warsi was against it. Salman played the judge and seem to be having fun watching the two fight over his single status.

Arshad said, “Salman found the entire skit to be humourous. He is a very sporting guy and thoroughly enjoyed our act. It was more of a joke for entertaining the audience. I am sure that Salman will break many hearts, the day he actually decides to get married. At that moment, as a judge, I am sure he thought that whether or not he gets married he needs to first do away with Boman and I.”

Boman said, “I kept asking Salman for reasons to not get married but he was completely okay with our act. The entire argument turned out to be so funny. Salman could not help but laugh.”

On a serious note, Salman please get married soon!

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Check out the most awaited song from Himmatwala

Check out the most awaited song from Himmatwala


The sound track of Himmatwala almost revisits the bygone era. The main reason why 1983 film Himmatwala was a great success was because of its super hit soundtrack. And now, composer duo Sajid-Wajid have tried their best to recreate the 1983 magic.

Sung by Mika Singh and Shreya Ghoshal, ‘Taki O Taki’ is a big disappointment as it failed to match up to the original Bappi da’s version. We wonder why Bappi da refused to recompose and relive his own chartbuster tracks.

Well anyway, the song sees Ajay Devgn and Tamanna showing off some rustic moves. We think they were the only saving grace. The song was in the news for over six months and after such a long wait, the results were saddening.

Though director Sajid Khan and actor Ajay Devgn seem confident about their film, the duo are equally nervous too. “I get nervous before my film’s release as there is an added pressure to perform better than the last release,” Ajay said, while Sajid jokingly added, “We are sure of our project so just to avoid buri na ar, Ajay and I used to put kaala tikka on first ten days of our film’s schedule.”

The film is slated to release on 29 March and features Ajay Devgan opposite Tamannaah in the lead roles. Jeetendra and Akshay Kumar will be seen as a special appearance in this film. The 1983 Himmatwala was remake of a Telugu film Ooriki Monagadu of 1981.

Catch the song below and do let us know what you think?

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Shahrukh Khan will be the new face of “Frooty”

Shahrukh Khan will be the new face of “Frooty”


Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan is now the new brand ambassador of India’s most loved cool drink “Frooty”.
The ad has been recently shot which took 3 hours to get the perfect output. Shahrukh Khan will be singing the famous frooty tunes.

Sharukh Khan who is very excited about the endorsement said “I’m delighted to be the face of Frooti, the mango drink that the entire nation has always been fond of. There’s hardly any brand that conjures up so much joy, so much desire and so much magic around it like Frooti does. I feel really good about this association and I hope you enjoy watching the ad as much as I enjoyed being a part of it,Frooti, a Parle Agro sub-brand, is 27 years old. Its new TV commercial is an answer to brands which are “busy wooing viewers with seductive commercials.”

And SRK started the trend in the twitter saying #SRKlikesfrooty which has been top trending.

Shahrukh Khan has previously endorsed other beverage brands like ‘pepsi’ for lot and lot of famous brands and he also made a huge difference in the sales of the products with his reach. SRK endorsing frooty will be a huge bonus for them and for sure will boost the beverage’s sales.

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