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Who wants to take a walk on Beyonce Boulevard?

Who wants to take a walk on Beyonce Boulevard?


If you go to Bermuda you just might be able to take a walk where Beyonce strutted – all right on Beyonce Boulevard. There is a new walkway being built at the National Sports Centre and it was nicknamed “Beyonce Boulevard” because that is where Mrs. Carer entered from at the 2008 Music Festival.

A fake “Beyonce Boulevard” street sign was placed up by some of the workers under Facility Manager Trevor Madeiros’ watch. As quoted in NME, Trevor told the Royal Ga ette, “We had to tidy up the driveway for her to come through to perform — it was a construction site at the time,” he told Bermuda’s Royal Ga ette. “Somebody called it Beyoncé Boulevard and everybody started using it…So many people use the name when giving directions to visitors that it finally got its own sign.” He added: “It’s nothing really official. It’s an internal thing that we put up ourselves.”

That’s hilarious. When are we going to get the MuchMusic Highway underway? Anyone? Anyone?

Watch Beyonce’s video for Love On Top below and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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We’ll have to wait until Adele’s next heart-wrencher

We’ll have to wait until Adele’s next heart-wrencher


So Adele is having quite the run, isn’t she? Following her work on 21 and her track for the James Bond theme song for Skyfall and a string of awards and accolades and such, it seems that Adele is untouchable. As we’re big fans of Adele here in the MUCH offices, it must be said that we’re incredibly excited to hear any new material. But we’re probably going to have to wait awhile. Adele was quoted as to saying, “Tell me about it, so am I,” to the British newspaper the Daily Mail when told that her fans wanted more. “They’ll come when they’re ready, and when I’ve got something to sing about,” Adele responded.

We can’t wait. Check out Adele’s hit video for Rolling In The Deep below and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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Are you passionate enough to be a MuchMusic VJ?

Are you passionate enough to be a MuchMusic VJ?


The VJ Search is back! Start by creating your profile at our VJ Search site and get ready for the biggest reality show of the century! In your profile you’ll be able to show us what you got by answering some of our questions and uploading a video to convince us that you’re the host(ess) with the most(est).

Think you got what it takes to be MUCH’s newest VJ? Submit now and start rating profiles of other VJ hopefuls here! Show off your personality. We’re looking for passionate, fresh, energetic, edgy, funny, stylish, and most importantly knowledgeable people so be sure to convey all of that. Like, right now. This very second. Do it. Good luck. Check out passionate VJ hopefuls like Jasleen Powar, Duhin, Vijay Maharaj, and Tyson Geick!

Check out more profiles from VJ hopefuls here and start rating!

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Watch the Twilight cast talk the love scene in Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Watch the Twilight cast talk the love scene in Breaking Dawn – Part 2


The Twilight Saga may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop obsessively watching one of the greatest movie franchises to ever hit the big screen. MUCH and eOne Films want to help you enjoy the epic finale to the worldwide phenomenon (and the entire Saga, for that matter) from the comfort of your own home, where you can replay specific scenes over and over. And over. You know which scenes. No judgement.

To win one of five ama ing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 pri e packs, including a DVD of the film, click here to enter!

Today we’re taking an exclusive look at some of the never before scene footage available on the DVD copy of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Watch the cast discuss shooting Bella’s ‘Shielding’ and the famous love scene. You know. The one we referenced at the beginning of this blog.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is available on DVD March 2.

The Love Scene

[videoembed2 clipid=874658]

Bella’s Shielding Power

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Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!


Dear Justin Bieber,

We think all you need is a birthday cake and a beat.

Happy Birthday!

Check out this Justin Bieber video playlist here and share your birthday wishes for Justin in the comments section below!

Beauty and a Beat, ft. Nicki Minaj

[videoembed2 clipid=782633]

As Long As You Love Me,
ft. Big Sean

[videoembed2 clipid=731645]


[videoembed2 clipid=670607]

Chris Brown, Next To You, ft. Justin Bieber

[videoembed2 clipid=486542]

That Should Be Me, ft. Rascal Flatss

[videoembed2 clipid=434180]

Never Say Never

[videoembed2 clipid=416779]


[videoembed2 clipid=386061]

U Smile

[videoembed2 clipid=353882]

Love Me

[videoembed2 clipid=332931]

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Taylor Swift speaks to Ed Sheeran, obviously they’re dating

Taylor Swift speaks to Ed Sheeran, obviously they’re dating


Tour mates and friends Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are rumoured to be dating after being spotted spending time together before last month’s Brit Awards (watch the show again here). The London Evening Standard is reporting that Swift and Sheeran stayed up talking in a hotel room until 4 am the night before the Brit Awards, now labeling the friends as a ‘couple’. Yes. A couple of friends.

The paper is reporting that the pair dated early in 2012, but took a break to concentrate on their careers. Swift then began dating Sheeran’s friend Harry Styles, and we all know how that one ended up. Actually, we don’t really know. Wait for the album. Sheeran is opening for Swift’s North American Red Tour, which kicks off on March 13 in Omaha.

Time will tell if the two are actually a couple or simply good friends. Either way, I’ve already bought my tickets for the Red Tour and I will be uber annoyed if they date, it implodes, and I don’t get my money’s worth. Da le me, Ed and Taylor!


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Ne-Yo reveals he was married at 19

Ne-Yo reveals he was married at 19


Ne-Yo’s ex let her love him, but didn’t love his music back. Apparently the famous singer has a secret past that was revealed this week by a TM reporter who asked Ne-Yo if he had ever been married. That’s it? We just had to ask him? Quick, think of questions to ask Ne-Yo!

Ne-Yo admitted that he was married 11 years ago when he was 19, though the union only lasted a few months and was later annulled. When asked whether the marriage was a secret, Ne-Yo explained that he never discussed it because…wait for it…”Nobody really knows that. Nobody ever really asked.” Seriously, start thinking of questions.

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Ne-Yo’s Big Secret — I Used to Be Married!

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Celebrity Videos


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I me aur main review: good idea|poor execution

I me aur main review: good idea|poor execution

I me aur main

Bollywood Celebden Rating: 2/5

Story : Devika Bhagat

Music: Falak Shabir ,Sachin-Jigar,Gourav Dasgupta and Raghav Sachar.
Direction: Kabir Sharma.

Story :
The story of I me aur main is about a self centered music producer(John Abraham) who lives in his girlfriend’s(Chitrangada Singh) house. Not able to withstand his selfish behavior and his commitment phobic nature , she throws him out of the house. John moves into a modest apartment where he meets bubbly stylist (Prachi Desai). Rest of the story is about how wrong he is and how his equation with his mother and sister changes.

Performances :

John Abraham who gave a wonderful performance in Race 2 has done the complete opposite in this film. As a self obsessed guy, John sometimes seems clueless. He justs smiles and frowns the whole film. Chitrangada Singh looks very beautiful in the movie and she is good in terms of acting too. But the surprise package here is Prachi Desai who fits into the character easily and delivers a splendid performance. Mini mathur and arine wahab who play john’s sister and mother bring the warmth to the screen.

Technical aspect :

Debutant Director Kabir Sharma wanted to do many things at one go but failed badly in the execution part. The screenplay has many loose ends and seems too hurried in the end. Cinematography is neat. There are 4 music directors used in this movie but not one song creates the impact. The last song was very important to the movie but it is really just sucks. The one department which has put hard work in this film is the makeup department and costumes department as everyone looks damn good in the movie.

Analysis :

The movie starts of high note but it goes bad as the film progresses.  The movie wanders into many genres but it doesn’t engage the audience at all. The director got confused between trying to give a happy ending to the movie and realistic ending to it. What we get is total mix ending which doesn’t fit at all. Though the film has its share of nice moments but on the whole it is a fail. Better screenplay and performances was badly needed to make this a sure shot entertainer. It needed more time on the story board is what i felt.

Bottomline: A good script gone bad.

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Movie Review : The Attacks of 26/11

Movie Review : The Attacks of 26/11


Bollywood Celebden Rating:3.5/5
Genre: Crime
Banner:Alumbra Entertainment
Cast: Nana Patekar, Sanjeev Jaiswal, Atul Kulkarni
Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by: Parag Sanghavi

Movie is about the Mumbai attacks that took place on 26th November 2008. The movie mainly revolves around 2 characters. one is Nana Patekar, the joint commissioner of police and the other is Ajmal Kasab(Sanjeev Jaiswal), who was the only terrorist captured after the holocaust. The movie starts from terrorists hijacking the boat and then all the attacks are shown serially and the movie ends with Ajmal Kasab getting hanged.

Artists Performances:
Nana Patekar is exceptional as a police commissioner who narrates the story from the start incident by incident in front of the higher authorities. In this movie his acting is all about subtle expressions and brilliantly written dialogues. We can see the old Nana Patekar whom we saw in great movies like Parindey and Kraathiveer. Another sensational performance came from a theater artist from Delhi Sanjeev Jaiswal, who portrayed the character of Ajmal Kasab. He did his job exceptionally well as a terrorist and delusional Muslim who believes in jihad wants to sacrifice his life for it. After his performance it is pretty much evident that Sanjeev will persist for long in Bollywood.

Technical Aspects:
Background score of the movie is very intense and always keeps you engaged to the screen; movie wouldn’t have been so gripping without such music. Maula Maula song is very compelling and suited the scenario credit goes to the composer Rushin.
Camera work of the movie is outstanding. Ram Gopal Verma, who is always known for peculiar camera work did a very good job in this movie. 16 cameras have been used for this movie and I can say all of them were perfectly placed.
Settings and Make up were also very realistic. On the whole the movie is technically very well complied.

Movie starts off with Nana Patekar narrating all the incidents to the higher authorities. It starts from terrorists entering Mumbai by hijacking the boat from a fishermen group and then they split up in duos and start the shootings in 4 different places. Each attack is shown very realistically backed with brilliant camera work showing the barbaric acts of the terrorists who seem merciless killing every person they see right from diseased old man to a 2 year old baby. First half ends with terrorists attacking 3 places and police being clueless.
2nd half is where police come active and deny the terrorist attack on a government hospital and capture Ajmal Kasab. Other places which were under the attack will come under control after a commander operation which is not shown in the movie. The movie’s climax is very well written by the director and is equally well enacted by Nana Patekar and Sanjeev Jaiswal.
The movie’s violence is very raw but that makes us emotionally connected to the movie unlike the violence in other masala movies where you will be disgusted.

On the whole all I can say is the movie is a must watch for every Indian. Lot of people still don’t know what kind of attacks exactly happened and how did they happen, Ram Gopal Verma never strayed from authenticity of the incidents and showcased them very intensely and responsibly. You will never feel bored while watching the movie. It’s a perfect break for the Bollywood to come out of mindless money spinning movies.

Bottom Line: Intense, Compelling and realistic……miss it at your own risk!

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