Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lohan too sick Can’t attend court, but spied shopping instead

Lohan too sick Can’t attend court, but spied shopping instead

Lohan too sick Cant attend court, but spied shopping insteadLindsay Lohan too sick to show up for court? Reportedly, the “Liz and Dick” star, who was scheduled to attend a hearing Wednesday in Los Angeles, had a doctor’s note that said she was too ill to fly from New York. But get this: tabloid photos surfaced on the same day that showed Lohan hanging out with a popular hotelier, smoking and shopping to her heart’s content. Imagine that?

According to the latest news on Lindsay, Us Magazine, in a Jan. 29 report, noted that Judge Stephanie Sautner received a doctor’s note from LiLo’s attorney that said Lohan was too ill with the flu. Essentially, the good ole doc said the patient was not healthy and could be contagious to passengers by traveling in close quarters aboard a plane.

It seems plausible enough, right? After all, a strain of the flu virus is infecting people all around the country.

However, according to some photos aka “Exhibit B” for “busted,” Lindsay was frolicking about the Big Apple and showed no signs of having influenza or — as the doctor’s note says — an upper respiratory infection.

Apparently, Lohan was not too sick to engage in retail therapy at some hot shopping spots in New York over the weekend.

And it appears Judge Sautner wasn’t born yesterday. In one helluva twist, she ordered Lindsay Lohan to California pronto to attend the hearing she skipped out on.

WGAL suggests that the judge, who admonished the actress’ partying ways, apparently references tabloids for up-to-the-minute dish on LiLo happenings.

Heck, she pulled something similar recently when she notified the court she could not make her appearance because she lost her passport in France. A bench warrant was issued in that case.

If Lohan is too sick to make her court appearances, and is really trying to pull a fast one, maybe she should just hire a body-double or invest in a wig.

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