Thursday, 10 January 2013

Should we Scream or Shout for Will.i.Am working with Britney?

Should we Scream or Shout for Will.i.Am working with Britney?

TMZ is reporting that amidst today’s announcement that Britney Spears has quit The X Factor, the singer will instead be working on her eighth studio album. The disc is to be produced largely by her Scream and Shout collaborator Will.i.Am, as well as Danja.

While we’re excited to hear a new disc from the Princess of Pop, we’re torn on whether working with Will.i.Am is the best move. We break it down in this Scream and Shout list of pros and cons.


1. Scream and Shout is kind of terrible.
2. Britney’s most recent albums have been heading in the direction of Will.i.Am’s dance-driven sound for a while and this pairing could mean we’re getting a replica of Femme Fatale.
3. These two together may break a record for the most product placements in a video/album.
4. More fake British accents from Brit.


1. Scream and Shout is kind of excellent.
2. Fergie’s debut solo album, The Duchess, was produced by her BEP bandmate Will.i.Am and included huge hits like Fergalicious and Clumsy.
3. Britney isn’t one to experiment with her sound, making Will.i.Am a safe bet for an album full of chart topping singles.
4. Will.i.Am works better when he’s involved with other artists, ie. Blacked Eyed Peas and The Beginning versus Will.i.Am and Songs About Girls.

What do you think about the pairing? Is Will.i.Am the right Producer for Britney’s next album?

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