Thursday, 10 January 2013

Amy Adams: ‘I’m very relaxed this year’

Amy Adams: ‘I’m very relaxed this year’

Amy Adams: 'I'm very relaxed this year'Amy Adams is nominated for a best-supporting-actress Oscar for playing Philip Seymour Hoffman’s ferocious wife in The Master.

“I have a 2½-year old. I am used to waking up early. I’m letting my man sleep in. We’re watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I’m having coffee,” says Adams, at home with her toddler, Aviana. “I’m excited. It’s a little crazy and wonderful. I did not expect it in any way, shape or form. It’s one of those nice surprises.”

Her movie didn’t get nominated, but her co-stars Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix did. And this is Adams’ fourth nomination. She was previously up for 2010′s The Fighter, 2008′s Doubt and 2005′s Junebug.

“It’s unreal. Each one has been — the first one was so crazy — each one has had its own set of circumstances. I’m very relaxed this year about it all. I’m just so proud to be in this film. That was my victory. It’s validating. I’m so happy to be going,” says Adams.

She’s more laid-back because her home life is so settled. “You wake up and she’s not that impressed. (My daughter) likes the dresses. But aside from that? I’m pretty content in life right now. That’s part of it. It’s not that I’m not excited. I just recognize that my priorities are in order,” says Adams.

Her day is equally calm and ordinary. “Be a mom. And go work out. And then we have Critics’ Choice tonight. But now I’m being a mom, yeah,” says Adams.

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