Friday, 18 January 2013

Drake goes to Shoppers Drug Mart, gets Optimum points

Drake goes to Shoppers Drug Mart, gets Optimum points

Shoppers Drug Mart is the cultural hub of all drug and convenience stores in Canada. Shoppers, as it is lovingly called, is a pivotal place for many Canadians as it is open late and filled with everything from M&Ms to popcorn to Vitamin C capsules (and let’s not forget about the cosmetics and energy drinks people!). Don’t even try to equate Shoppers with a Rexalls or Pharma Plus. They don’t have pictures those friendly people on swings or happy grandparents on their ads. There are no Optimum points to be earned there.

Shoppers is but a mecca for wandering feet and junk food-less stomachs.

And it looks like Drake feels the same way because on Thursday night there was a bit of a commotion at the Binbrook location of Shoppers Drug Mart when word got out that Drake was shooting a video there with Hamilton-native Matthew “OB” Brien in tow. The Hamilton Spectator reported that Drake “was looking for a location to shoot a video for one of his new songs. It had to be in a drugstore, a Shoppers Drug Mart, one out of the way where a pop superstar wouldn’t draw too much attention.”

Obviously a mob came out to Shoppers (which would happen, people need their Life brand honey roasted almonds) and as the Hamilton Spectator observed, “several hundred Drake fans were huddled together under the falling snow at the entrance of the Binbrook Shoppers Drug Mart, hoping to get a glimpse of the pop star.”

Now the only question remains is… what will Drake redeem his points for? Tell us what you think in the comments section below and check out the madness in a video of Drake stuck in Shoppers (um, or heaven) here.


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