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Full frontal nudity – Hollywood top actresses bare it all

Full frontal nudity – Hollywood top actresses bare it all

Full frontal nudity Hollywood top actresses bare it allHollywood actresses have to design a career path just like the rest of us. Their “body” of work, pun intended, can sometimes determine which roles they are offered and the associated pay-scale for starring in each film.

The stars have to find their own comfort level in choosing roles that require them to act in scenes topless from the waist up, bottomless, captured from the back, or full frontal nudity, baring it all from head to toe.

Jan. 17, Mr. Skin reports, which actresses have bared it all for their craft, in full frontal nudity scenes. “There are plenty of actresses willing to go topless on film, but seldom is the celeb who will take off her bottoms. Harder yet is finding an A-List star willing to display this rarely viewed treat.”

Some of the fearless females who showed no shame, in baring their bodies for the camera, may surprise you. If have not seen these particular films, here are the top ground-breaking actresses and their roles.

Nicole Kidman (Billy Bathgate) 1991-Won Golden Globe, Best Supporting Actress
Halle Berry (Monster’s Ball) 2001-Won Oscar, Best Actress
Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) 1992-Golden Globe Nominated-Best Actress

Michelle Williams (Take this Waltz) 2011-Won Best Actress, Hollywood Film Festival
Helen Hunt (The Sessions) 2012-Current-Oscar Nominated, Best Supporting Actress
Julianne Moore (Boogie Nights) 1997-Oscar Nominated, Best Supporting Actress

Heather Graham (Boogie Nights) 2007-Oscar Nominated-Best Original Screenplay
Kate Winslet (Jude-foreign film) 1996
Charlize Theron (The Devil’s Advocate) 1997-Won Blockbuster Award, Best Supporting Actress
Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream) 2000

Honorable mention:
Katie Holmes (The Gift) 2000-One of GQ’s Sexiest Women of the Millennium, 2013

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