Monday, 21 January 2013

In case you forgot, Justin Timberlake is really hot

In case you forgot, Justin Timberlake is really hot

Over the past week the music world has been abuzz with news that Justin Timberlake is returning to the studio to reclaim the pop charts. Fans of N’SYNC and Timberlake’s solo career have been waiting years for this day, with sales for Justin’s single Suit and Tie bringing in huge numbers on iTunes. By teaming up with Jay-Z and Timbaland, Justin is poised to give Beyonce a run for her money for biggest pop album of the year.

Years out of the music industry sometimes make our memories of artists a little foggy. We forget that Timberlake has given us some of the greatest pop albums of the century, creating his own signature blend of pop and R’n B that has given way to artists like Conor Maynard and Justin Bieber. He’s a six-time Grammy winner who has created some of the most ground breaking music videos with Cry Me A River and What Goes Around Comes Around.

With all of the excitement surrounding Timberlake’s return to the mic, we’ve almost forgotten one huge fact. JT is really, really hot.

Like – even when he had the creepy beard and the awful 1980s suit in the Dick In A Box video and was still hot – kind of hot. Like – we’d forgive him for the cornrows and the turtleneck sweaters and the oversized track suits and the bleached hair phases in N’SYNC – kind of hot. Made Trouble With The Curve bearable (almost)- kind of hot.

Three photos of Justin working in the studio were posted on his site today. He’s wearing a baseball hat and a t-shirt and IS STILL hot. He’s rocking glasses in one picture. GLASSES. Still hot. How is that possible?

Welcome back, sexy.


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