Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lindsay Lohan has moved in with her mother amid legal troubles

Lindsay Lohan has moved in with her mother amid legal troubles

After narrowly escaping a warrant being issued for her arrest by splashing out on a last minute first class flight from New York to Los Angeles to appear in court on Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan has decided to move in with her mom. While this would normally be a great idea for someone who is having trouble staying on the right side of the law, Lindsay’s mother is Dina Lohan. So ya, she’s better off on her own.

A source close to the 26-year-old troubled starlet, who wore a Chanel dress and Christian Louboutin shoes to court, told gossip website that Lindsay is struggling to cope living in such close quarters with her mother again, saying “Dina seriously cramps Lindsay’s style because she always wants to go out partying with her. It’s embarrassing for Lindsay and she often dodges her mom’s calls when she’s out. Lindsay is constantly on the prowl these days to snag a new wealthy pal who has an apartment or vacation home she can move into…. rent free of course!”

Number one, why is Lindsay partying at all? Number two, someone needs to give her a hug and a game plan, because what she’s been lately isn’t working. Have you seen Mean Girls lately? So good. Soooo good. Get back there, Lindsay.

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