Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Long Live A$AP and this cute kitten

Long Live A$AP and this cute kitten

Alright, A$AP Rocky, we get it. We get it! You devious, devious man. We see right through your plan. You want to get your video for Long Live A$AP, like, a million views. And you’re going to get it too! You’re going to get these views because your video has that one thing that’ll get any video VEVO Certified: a cute fluffy white kitten. Tug at our heart strings, will you? I actually kinda feel bad for other videos dropping right now because they don’t stand a chance against you and Princess Fluffyton.

SMH. We’re all doomed, aren’t we? Look at A$AP and that kitten. So. Cute. It’s hopeless. Oh yeah, and the track is good. Now back to the cat.

Check out A$AP Rocky’s video for Long Live A$AP here and tell us what you think of the video (and A$AP’s ability to make me waste time rewinding to the cat part) below.

[videoembed2 clipid=854578]

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