Sunday, 20 January 2013

Matthew McConaughey: ‘Mud’ Premiere at Sundance!

Matthew McConaughey: ‘Mud’ Premiere at Sundance!

Matthew McConaughey: Mud Premiere at Sundance!Joining his fellow A-listers in one of the year’s biggest film gatherings, Matthew McConaughey took to the streets at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday (January 19).

The 43-year-old Hollywood hunk dressed perfectly for the Park City, UT temps, sporting a plaid, flannel button-down, jeans, and sunglasses while making his way past eager fans.While attending the annual shindig, Matthew dished about taking on so many independent flicks in the recent years, telling Fox News, “It is no coincidence that my last seven films have all been independent films. I wasn’t thinking about whether it was studio or independent, but on the character,” adding, “they don’t pay me as well. It’s ironic. I had my best, most fun and creative year making films a couple of years ago and yet I lost money for the first time.”

Although the “Fool’s Gold” star might have lost out on funds, he says acting is still his main focus, explaining, “I am really enjoying just being an actor. I have been offered to produce and I had said ‘no thank you.’ Directing and producing is a two-year commitment. I want to do my work, nail it, and go back to my family,” McConaughey said. “The simplification (of only acting) is healthy for me. When you have a family, you have to be wise with choosing your co-curriculars.”

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