Monday, 21 January 2013

Nikki Reed on Hubby Paul McDonald

Nikki Reed on Hubby Paul McDonald

Nikki Reed on Hubby Paul McDonaldNikki Reed has been married to her husband Paul McDonald for more than a year, but she’s still in the honeymoon stage.

When asked what the best part of married life is, she told Cambio, “He’s my partner in crime. There’s just a person that’s there to be with and to support you and encourage you.”

The Twilight actress released a duet with her musician husband and said he inspired her to stretch her creative limits.

“A lot of the things that I’ve explored this year creatively were because of Paul and because of his encouragement and I think that that kind of support system is unlike anything else,” she explained.

Nikki was on hand in NYC for Gillette’s Kiss and Tell event, where couples were puckering up to decide if it’s better to smooch shaven or with stubble.

As for Paul’s facial hair preferences, Nikki says it’s one or the other. “He is really particular about his image so he either has very well groomed beard or he’s shaved completely,” she told us.

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