Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Olly Murs wants a girlfriend he can take to meet his family

Olly Murs wants a girlfriend he can take to meet his family

Pop singer Olly Murs, who shot to fame after coming second on UK TV talent show The X Factor in 2009, admits he has been in relationships in recent years but prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. The 28 year-old singer said “I’ve had girlfriends these past few years but no one got to find out who they were, and they were never girls who wanted the attention. I want to find a girl who my family would like. You’re not going to find that at a showbiz event.”

Olly also admitted he knows some of the attention he receives from girls wouldn’t come his way if he weren’t famous. He told Live magazine “Look, I’ll be sitting in a bar and a really hot girl with a perfect body and long brown or blonde hair will come up to me. Stunning. But I know damn well that four years ago she’d have never have looked at me.”

Despite the lavish lifestyle fame offers, the Troublemaker hitmaker insists the best thing about his success is being able to help his family, saying “What you want is to be able to provide for your family, make life better. this is all for them, to show them I can make a better life for us all.”

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