Sunday, 20 January 2013

Petition to remove Beyonce from Inauguration Ceremony

Petition to remove Beyonce from Inauguration Ceremony

Petition to remove Beyonce from Inauguration CeremonyAllegedly, there’s a petition to remove Beyoncé from President Obamas’ Inauguration performance line up. On January 9th it was announced that Beyoncé will indeed perform the national anthem at the swearing in ceremony.

Unfortunately, the people aren’t having it. The reason being is Beyoncé signed another multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi last year while back in 2009; Michelle Obama enlisted the singer to join the movement for her fight against children obesity. Beyoncé in return made a dance video entitled “Move Your Body”. The partnership alone made headline news which inspired young adults to get in shape.

Being though she did in fact promote exercising and eating healthy at some point in her career, does that take away the fact she’s not in control of other peoples decisions for their children’s health or even their own health? Let’s take into consideration that Beyoncé has been a spokesperson for Pepsi since 2001, she’s a part of that money making machine, it’s called PR.

What do you think Michelle had in mind when she asked Beyoncé to join her for the fight against obesity campaign, she knew that young people look up to the singer and would be more attentive to movement of getting fit and healthy.

Do you think Beyoncé is sending out the wrong message? Do you think she’s responsible for other people decision making about their wellbeing? Do you think Beyoncé should be removed from the performance line-up?

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