Friday, 18 January 2013

Salman Khan rescues photog Jagdish Mali from Mumbai streets

Salman Khan rescues photog Jagdish Mali from Mumbai streets

Salman Khan

Ace photographer, Jagdish Mali, was recently rescued destitute from the streets of Mumbai with the help of Salman Khan and Mink Brar.

Reports state that Mink Brar, who was last seen in Big Boss season 6, had spotted the photographer on the streets of Versova, half naked, disheveled and completely lost. She Initially offered to help him but when turned down, Mink contacted Salman Khan. It is heard that on hearing the news, Salman Khan immediately sent his car with a staff of four members to escort the photographer back to his apartment which was gifted to him by his daughter by Antara Mali in 2009.

Says Mink, who helped Jagdish cover up, “He was covered with faeces and looked as though he had not eaten in a while. He seemed very disturbed and completely disconnected.”

Meanwhile, the film industry is shocked by the news of Jagdish Mali being mentally unstable and alcoholic.

However, Antara Mali who is presently taking care of her dad, denies reports of her father being mentally ill. She said, “His condition is such that at times, if he forgets his insulin shot, he gets disoriented. At such times opening a simple door latch can be a challenge. This may happen once in six months, the rest of the time he’s fully functioning and normal. This is what happened that evening.”

She also added, “We don’t need anybody’s help…. he has a lot of goodwill in the film and fashion industry.”

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