Monday, 21 January 2013

Selena reveals details on her new album

Selena reveals details on her new album

Selena Gomez will share her heartbreak with fans on her new album. The Love You Like A Love Song singer,who split from her on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber recently after two years together, has revealed she has documented their break-up on her upcoming album and admits she is looking forward to letting her fans know everything she went through. The 20-year-old singer and actress told MTV News, “I think for me it was actually interesting to see that towards the middle of me recording my record, a big turn happened to me and it was incredible to see how I applied that to music because I’ve never done that before and it’s great.”

Selena continued, “I think the older I’m getting the more I’m just kind of like I’m cool to share my side of the stories as much as I can, so I’m having a lot of fun.” The Spring Breakers actress confirmed that the “big turn” relates to both a change in her personal and professional life. Selena shared, “Through Spring Breakers and experiencing so much last year it will be interesting to kind of have my fans know everything I went through, through music.” Selena, who is hoping to release her new record in March, has most recently been linked to her Monte Carlo co-star Luke Bracey after they were spotted getting “super close” at the Golden Globes after parties last Sunday.

We wonder if Cry Me a River will be on the track listing? Tell us what you think in the comments section below and check out Selena’s video for Hit The Lights below.

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