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Shahrukh Khan feels very safe in India

Shahrukh Khan feels very safe in India

Shahrukh Khan

Terming the entire controversy kicked up the Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Shahrukh Khan “feeling insecure in India” as “nonsense”, and asserts that nowhere in the magazine article did he say directly or indirectly that he feels unsafe, troubled or disturbed in India.

“To address this whole issue, with regards to my article, that has taken an unwarranted twist. I do not even understand the basis of this controversy. This is what can only be called ‘nonsense’. It is Deja Vu all over again,” Shahrukh told reporters.

In an Outlook-New York Times limited edition issue, the actor had mentioned that he had sometimes “become the inadvertent object of political leaders who choose to make me a symbol of all that they think is wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India.” Further, he wrote: “I named my son and daughter with names that could pass of as generic: Aryan and Suhana. The Khan is borrowed from me so that can’t really escape it… I imagine this will prevent my offspring from receiving unwarranted eviction orders and random fatwas in the future.”

Speaking about the article the dejected Khan said: “The article I wrote was actually meant to reiterate that on some occasions my being an Indian Muslim film star is misused by bigots and narrow minded people who have misplaced religious ideologies for small gains. And ironically, the same has happened through this article, once again.”

“It does not even vaguely say that I am ungrateful for the love that I have received in a career spanning 20 years. On the contrary the article only says that in spite of bigoted thoughts of some of the people that surround us, I am untouched by scepticism because of the love I have received by my countrymen and women,” he added.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday said that “the Indian government should provide security to actor Shah Rukh Khan”. This, as a result, kicked up a controversy in India.

Shah Rukh also critized those who offered him “unsolicited advice”, saying: “We, in India, are extremely safe and happy. We have an amazing democratic, free and secular way of life.”

“In the environs that we live here in my country India, we have no safety issues regarding life or material. As a matter of fact it is irksome for me to clarify this non-existent issue,” he said.

When SRK’s kids ask him about their religion, Shahrukh says, “Sometimes, they ask me what religion they belong to and, like a good Hindi movie hero, I roll my eyes up to the sky and declare philosophically, ‘You are an Indian first and your religion is Humanity’, or sing them an old Hindi film ditty, ‘Tu Hindu Banega na Musalmaan Banega – Insaan ki Aulaad Hai Insaan Banega’ set to Gangnam style,” he said.

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