Friday, 25 January 2013

Taylor Swift is enchanting as Rapunzel

Taylor Swift is enchanting as Rapunzel

No, Taylor Swift was not cast as Rapunzel in a live action adaptation of the fairytale surrounding the lengthy-tressed damsel in distress. Taylor Swift was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the Disney Parks’ Dream Portrait ad campaign. You might have seen some other portraits done as Annie Leibovitz’s work for Disney has become prolific as it marries both A-list stars and our favorite Disney tales.

The advertisement captioned, “Where a world of adventure awaits”, shows Taylor Swift look longingly for her Prince to come save her. Harry, are you listening? But seriously Taylor is stunning, swathed in pretty pink layers reminiscent of her video for Love Story. What do you think of Taylor Swift as Rapunzel?

Check out this behind the scenes video of Taylor Swift posing for Annie Leibovitz for Disney as Rapunzel.

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