Friday, 22 February 2013

Baby Bruno Mars is even cuter than you imagined

Baby Bruno Mars is even cuter than you imagined


A very small number of performers have the true ‘it’ factor. Their confidence and ease on stage leaves the audience feeling like they’re watching someone who has been performing all their lives. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Bruno Mars are artists that I would lump together in this small group. Today, the internet has given us a gift in the form of a 23 year-old interview with a then four year-old Bruno Mars, showing that yes, to look like you’ve been performing all your life, you usually have been.

Growing up in Hawaii, Mars was recruited at a young age by his uncle, an Elvis impersonator, to begin performing with the family band The Love Notes. Already going by his nickname and later stage name, Bruno (real name Peter Hernandez) caught the eye of comedian Pauly Shore. To reiterate, Pauly Shore. I know. The internet is weird.

In this clip, Shore gets some tips on dancing like Elvis and Michael Jackson from the talented Mars, who apparently has been rocking a pompadour since childhood. Sorry Bieber, your swag crown has been snatched by four year-old Bruno Mars.

Check out baby Bruno Mars and good luck finding some cat video today that is cuter than this.

Full article at: Celebrity Gossip


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