Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hrithik Roshan stuns bollywood and owns the 58th Filmfare night

Hrithik Roshan stuns bollywood and owns the 58th Filmfare night

Hrithik Roshan, who has been mesmerising the Bollywood with his fantastic dance movies since his debut in 1999 through Kaho Na Pyaar Hai has not been at his dancing best because of a slipped disc problem which he had suffered recently. People thought he would never dance again in his life but he stunned everyone by dancing pretty well in “Agneepath” but the best came on the eve of 58th film fare awards where he blew the whole Bollywood away with his spectacular dance performance.

He danced for the two songs, one is “senorita” from “Zindagi na milega dobara” where he showed his subtle salsa movies with graceful expressions and other is for “sree ganesha deva” from “Agneepath” where he ignited the night with his unbelievably rapid movements and even the crew behind him coordinated really well and made the show cheerful.

Hrithik’s performance that night was top trending on twitter for the whole day, Hrithik thanked his fans saying “Wow..thank u beautiful people!u give me more than I deserve, i keep all your words safely tucked away in my heart fr god knows I will need 2 hear them back frm time to time…love u all..thank u.”

Hrithik is the perfect example of what one can call inner strength in human beings who want to break the norm and inspire the people to do wonders. Kudos to Hrithik!

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