Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Imran Khan’s fight against legal age of drinking

Imran Khan’s fight against legal age of drinking


Imran Khan, who has established himself as an ideal Bollywood star in recent years has taken a bold decision to file a PIL against the government for increasing the legal age of drinking to 25 years or more.

After year and a half finally the Mumbai High court has agreed for hearing of the case and Imran is really happy about it. The issue is also supported my lot of Imran’s fans, lot of people greeted him online with over 2000 posts for making this brave move.

A reliable source of Imran said “Imran’s case is all set to come up for a hearing and he has earned a lot of support from his fans. Few of them had even landed outside his home and left messages for the actor.

He also mentioned that Imran is very particular about the health issues that may arise due to the alcohol consumption but he feels the youth who are over 21 years are matured enough to make the decision of judging what is good or bad; government can’t force them to do things which may lead to poor consequences in terms of youth breaking the laws.

Let us wait and see if Imran will become first ever bollywood actor to go against the government’s law and come out victorious.

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