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Movie Review : Zila Ghaziabad

Movie Review : Zila Ghaziabad

Last 3 to 4 years has been the period of revival for ‘masala’ movies in Bollywood. Big stars like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar have pulled of blockbusters and spun money at the box-office despite their movies lacking strong content and logic. Now here is ZILA GHAZIABAD which falls into the same category.

Let’s begin with the plot, Ghaziabad is known for its gang wars and violence but has been at peace since lot of years. However, Ghaziabad has two major gangs headed by paresh Rawal and Ravi Kissen who are at cold war with Arshad Warsi being the right hand of Paresh Rawal who had go against his own boss under the bad influence of Ravi Kissen and he kills Vivek Oberoi’s brother (Chandrachur Singh) in the process forcing Vivek Oberoi to take up the violence root and avenge his brother’s death. Here begins the new gang war and it is Sanjay Dutt’s job as newly appointed inspector of Ghaziabad to restore the peace for the rest of the film.

While watching Zila Ghaziabad all you can feel is Déjà vu where you will recall lot of Bollywood movies like Dabangg, Omkara, etc. First half hour of the movie is used to build the characters up in a hurry with poor emotional content and then the movie keeps on dragging. Second half is what director wanted to make interesting by introducing Sanjay Dutt but movie becomes boring and predictable. Climax is mediocre with people flying in the air.Having said that, movie has its moments which could be appreciated by mass audience especially some 1 liners and couple of fights, no comedy whatsoever though.

To keep the audience glued to the screen the director needs create strong characters with powerful dialogues blended with gripping screenplay. But director absolutely fails in doing so. In spite of having good actors like Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi, Arshad warsi director could not make those characters interesting at all, coming to the screenplay you can predict each and every scene that will follow and adding to the flaws emotional content was also very poor.

Coming to the actor performances, Arshad Warsi did justice to his character as the ugly guy who keeps on killing and easily gets influenced by others, Vivek Oberoi is decent as a good guy who is dragged into crime world unwantedly but nothing new compared to his previous movies, Sanjay Dutt’s character is what director wanted to rely on during the 2nd half but he was not that convincing and moreover his character resembles Salman khan in Dabangg series. Paresh Rawal and Ravi Kissen were decent; Charmme Kaur and Minisha Limba hardly had any screen time. Other characters are forgettable.

On whole, Zila Ghaziabad is masala movie with nothing novel and is aimed at single screen crowd. It will not persist much long in the multiplexes for sure, we have to wait and see if it makes something out of B and C canters.

I would rate it 2/5.

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