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Ashley Benson says her Boyfriend video upset Justin Bieber

Ashley Benson says her Boyfriend video upset Justin Bieber


Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson scored the cover of April’s Seventeen Maga ine. Inside, the actress shares her feelings on fashion, dating and the Biebs. Earlier this year, Benson and her Spring Breakers co-star James Franco released a parody video of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend, with Franco playing the Biebs and Benson as one of his admirers. The video went viral and gained a lot of attention, but not all of it was positive. Justin, a friend of Benson’s, was not too impressed, with Franco removing the video at Bieber’s request.

Benson, who became friends with Justin’s ex Selena Gome while she was dating Justin’s close friend Ryan Good, told Seventeen “I haven’t heard from Selena [about the “Boyfriend” parody]! People thought that I was being mean, but I was just doing what the girl did in the video. It wasn’t a jab at her.” Unlike Gome , Bieber was not as quiet about his feelings on the video. Benson continues, saying “But I heard from Justin. He wasn’t happy. Justin is like my little brother since he and my ex [Ryan Good] are so close. Anytime you go through a breakup, the friends get defensive. But all is well in that area now.”

Benson also talked to the maga ine about her decision to star in Spring Breakers alongside Franco, Gome , and Vanessa Hudgens. “Selena, Vanessa, and I all came from a Disney background, and [Spring Breakers] was different from anything we’ve done. But we wanted to prove that we’re not just girls who play happy parts. It was such a cra y experience—I’m so proud of all of us. I’m really excited for everybody to see it.”

When she’s not shooting movies or parody videos, Benson says she stays busy trying to find a boyfriend for her bestie and PLL co-star Shay Mitchell. “One of my best friends is Shay Mitchell and she’ll be like, ‘I want a boyfriend!’ She’s been looking for three years…Every guy wants to date her, but she’s like, ‘No. No. No. No.’ I’m always on the lookout for Shay. Always. I’m always trying to get her a boyfriend!”

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