Friday, 8 March 2013

Could this Bey-once?! Tracklist leaked on upcoming album

Could this Bey-once?! Tracklist leaked on upcoming album


When we heard news of a leaked album tracklisting for the next Beyonce record we freaked out. A new album?! And new music potentially before her world tour kicks off in April!? What did we do to deserve this?! And apparently there are collaborations with Lady Gaga, A ealia Banks, Justin Timberlake, Jay- , Sia, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, and Solange. THIS IS GOING TO BE MONSTER. Tell us what you think of the unconfirmed tracklisting below and check out Beyonce’s video for Love On Top here.

[videoembed2 clipid=553884]

1. Ratchet (feat Lady Gaga & A ealia Banks)

2. Back 2 Business (feat Jay- )

3. Roller Coaster (feat Justin Timberlake)

4. Visions (feat Sia)

5 Dance (It’s Soon Over) (feat Rihanna)

6. More Than Sex (feat Ne-Yo)

7. Better Than Ever Before (feat Solange Knowles)

8. Runaway

9. Sensations

10. 12 Roses

11. It’s All Over


Full article at: Celebrity Gossip


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