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I me aur main review: good idea|poor execution

I me aur main review: good idea|poor execution

I me aur main

Bollywood Celebden Rating: 2/5

Story : Devika Bhagat

Music: Falak Shabir ,Sachin-Jigar,Gourav Dasgupta and Raghav Sachar.
Direction: Kabir Sharma.

Story :
The story of I me aur main is about a self centered music producer(John Abraham) who lives in his girlfriend’s(Chitrangada Singh) house. Not able to withstand his selfish behavior and his commitment phobic nature , she throws him out of the house. John moves into a modest apartment where he meets bubbly stylist (Prachi Desai). Rest of the story is about how wrong he is and how his equation with his mother and sister changes.

Performances :

John Abraham who gave a wonderful performance in Race 2 has done the complete opposite in this film. As a self obsessed guy, John sometimes seems clueless. He justs smiles and frowns the whole film. Chitrangada Singh looks very beautiful in the movie and she is good in terms of acting too. But the surprise package here is Prachi Desai who fits into the character easily and delivers a splendid performance. Mini mathur and arine wahab who play john’s sister and mother bring the warmth to the screen.

Technical aspect :

Debutant Director Kabir Sharma wanted to do many things at one go but failed badly in the execution part. The screenplay has many loose ends and seems too hurried in the end. Cinematography is neat. There are 4 music directors used in this movie but not one song creates the impact. The last song was very important to the movie but it is really just sucks. The one department which has put hard work in this film is the makeup department and costumes department as everyone looks damn good in the movie.

Analysis :

The movie starts of high note but it goes bad as the film progresses.  The movie wanders into many genres but it doesn’t engage the audience at all. The director got confused between trying to give a happy ending to the movie and realistic ending to it. What we get is total mix ending which doesn’t fit at all. Though the film has its share of nice moments but on the whole it is a fail. Better screenplay and performances was badly needed to make this a sure shot entertainer. It needed more time on the story board is what i felt.

Bottomline: A good script gone bad.

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