Friday, 1 March 2013

Taylor Swift speaks to Ed Sheeran, obviously they’re dating

Taylor Swift speaks to Ed Sheeran, obviously they’re dating


Tour mates and friends Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are rumoured to be dating after being spotted spending time together before last month’s Brit Awards (watch the show again here). The London Evening Standard is reporting that Swift and Sheeran stayed up talking in a hotel room until 4 am the night before the Brit Awards, now labeling the friends as a ‘couple’. Yes. A couple of friends.

The paper is reporting that the pair dated early in 2012, but took a break to concentrate on their careers. Swift then began dating Sheeran’s friend Harry Styles, and we all know how that one ended up. Actually, we don’t really know. Wait for the album. Sheeran is opening for Swift’s North American Red Tour, which kicks off on March 13 in Omaha.

Time will tell if the two are actually a couple or simply good friends. Either way, I’ve already bought my tickets for the Red Tour and I will be uber annoyed if they date, it implodes, and I don’t get my money’s worth. Da le me, Ed and Taylor!


Full article at: Celebrity Gossip


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