Monday, 11 March 2013

We’re going to unfollow you now, Azealia Banks

We’re going to unfollow you now, A ealia Banks

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Dear A ealia Banks,

We’re huge fans of your music. 212? We bumped that full-time styles here at the office. We got ready in the morning to Van Vogue. That Harlem Shake remix? Ama ing. Your music represented a youthful, fun, sassy, and hard-hitting sentimentality that is not usually present in our sugary-pop music landscape. And you’re undoubtedly so talented.

But then you pull things that really suck. Like the Angel Ha e beef. Calling out Pere Hilton using derogatory slurs.

And now this. Picking fights with Rita Ora and calling her out on Twitter writing, “Lol Rita Ora is so thirsty. She climbed over the wall of my dancers dressing room to snap photos”. A ealia added, “She’s been TRYING IT on this tour man…..” and finally tweeting, “She’s mad she’s Rihanna’s understudy.” Then apparently Rita Ora shot back in a text that was screen grabbed by you saying, “At the end of the day I don’t know who the f– you think you are secondly u don’t know me I’ve done nothin but try b nice to u 3rdly ur dancers were talkn to me further more ill see ur ass at the motherf—– concert.” Negative energy just begets more negative energy, don’t you think? If just doesn’t look good. At all.

From what I can analy e from the situation is that you, A ealia, are more than happy to pick fights with other performers, pushing them down to build yourself up, to gain petty street cred. Don’t you know you’re the textbook definition of a bully?

Yep. You’re venturing into 2009 Kanye West territory. Except it’s like you’re worse because at least Kanye was trying to big-up Beyonce and you’re just being mean-spirited.

So this writer is unfollowing you now and based on a few comments sections on other blogs, a lot of your other fans are too.

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