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Where does Justin Timberlake’s SNL promo rank?

Where does Justin Timberlake’s SNL promo rank?


Justin Timberlake is the host and musical guest for SNL this weekend, making his impressive sixth appearance as the show’s host. NBC released Timberlake’s promo today for Saturday’s show, with Timberlake joking about forgetting his suit and tie and multi-tasking as host, musical guest, camera and sound operator, and make up artist along with cast member Kenan Thompson.

Along with Timberlake’s comedic timing and spot-on impersonations of everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Andy Gibb, Justin’s gig on the show this week while also likely include some big name guest appearances. SNL alum and co-performer of Dick In A Box, Andy Samberg, will likely appear on this weekend’s episode. As the musical guest, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jay- show up during Justin’s performance of Suit and Tie. But with no guest confirmed, right now all we have to go on is the promo.

As a six-time host, we decided to take a look at some of Justin’s best moments in SNL promos to see how today’s new addition stacks up.

5. Justin and Kenan Thompson – Show Date March 9, 2013

It’s funny, it’s timely, and it gets off the Suit and Tie joke just in time to keep me from getting off the computer.

4. Justin and Andy Samberg – May 2009

Justin hosted alongside musical guest and his Love, Sex and Magic co-creator Ciara in May 2009. Samberg and Timberlake shot the promo together and while there were definitely funny moments, Timberlake unfortunately played the straight man to Samberg’s off beat humour. These two are at their best when riffing off one another.

3. Justin and Amy Poehler – December 2006

Ten feet would feel like one million feet with Justin.

2. Justin and Lady Gaga – May 2011

Timberlake was able to make the larger than life Lady Gaga seem relatable, even getting the New York native to make fun of herself.

1. Justin and Andy Samberg – May 2011

Justin + Andy = Friends Forever


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