Friday, 1 March 2013

Who wants to take a walk on Beyonce Boulevard?

Who wants to take a walk on Beyonce Boulevard?


If you go to Bermuda you just might be able to take a walk where Beyonce strutted – all right on Beyonce Boulevard. There is a new walkway being built at the National Sports Centre and it was nicknamed “Beyonce Boulevard” because that is where Mrs. Carer entered from at the 2008 Music Festival.

A fake “Beyonce Boulevard” street sign was placed up by some of the workers under Facility Manager Trevor Madeiros’ watch. As quoted in NME, Trevor told the Royal Ga ette, “We had to tidy up the driveway for her to come through to perform — it was a construction site at the time,” he told Bermuda’s Royal Ga ette. “Somebody called it Beyoncé Boulevard and everybody started using it…So many people use the name when giving directions to visitors that it finally got its own sign.” He added: “It’s nothing really official. It’s an internal thing that we put up ourselves.”

That’s hilarious. When are we going to get the MuchMusic Highway underway? Anyone? Anyone?

Watch Beyonce’s video for Love On Top below and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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