Thursday, 31 January 2013

Beyonce sings the anthem live, heads explode

Beyonce sings the anthem live, heads explode

Backing track or not, let’s just be real here: Beyonce can sing. We discussed the whole inaugural anthem debacle here and here) so we don’t have to go over it again. But I guess the Queen Bey had to set the record straight and prove that she can sing the anthem (and do it well). At a press conference for the Super Bowl, Beyonce took the stage and instead of answering queries about the inauguration, she sang the anthem and chuckled at herself and asked the crowd, “Any questions?”

“Any questions?” she asked after completing the impressive performance.

The Huffington Post reported that Beyonce declared that she is a “perfectionist” and then explained that she chose to use “a backing track” due to a lack of sound check and the high stakes surrounding the event. “I’m very proud of my performance,” she continued. But what about this Sunday for the Super Bowl? “I will absolutely be singing live,” Beyonce explained. “I am well-rehearsed. This is what I was born to do.”

Can’t wait to see the performance! Check out Beyonce at the Super Bowl press conference here and don’t miss Beyonce, along with One Direction, Mumford and Sons, Emeli Sande, Muse, Robbie Williams and Ben Howard when they perform at the 2013 Brit Awards on Wednesday, February 20 at 10E/7P on MUCH.


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