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Denise Richards mourns the loss of dog

Denise Richards mourns the loss of dog

Denise Richards mourns the loss of dogDenise Richards and her daughters are mourning the loss of their dog Hank of 13 years. On Monday, January 21, Hank died and the actress announced the news on her Twitter page late Monday. Hank was a French bulldog and in 2006, Richards and Hank were featured on a 2006 episode of the reality show “The Dog Whisperer.” They were also featured on the front cover of Modern Dog magazine’s fall 2011 issue.

When making the announcement Monday night on Twitter, Richards tweeted “Last night we lost our beloved Hank, I will miss him dearly, 13 years old, been there for me thru it all.” Dozens of people responded to her tweet, offering their condolences. Animal rights group, PETA responded, stating “So sorry for your loss. Lots of love to u & your family during this difficult time.” Richards would occasionally post photos of her family, along with Hank and other family pets.

On Tuesday, Richards responded to the condolences, stating “Thank you so much for your kind messages about Hank, it means a lot to me, you guys are the best, so thoughtful & kind…xo.”

The 41 year old actress who has three daughters, two with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, is not just busy being a mom; the actress and mom has been a longtime dog lover and advocate involved in the no-kill dog sanctuary, which is the Best Friends Animal Society for abused and abandoned animals.

She herself takes in dogs at her home in which some Richards says are adopted, but those that will fit into her pack, she sometimes adopt herself. When Hurricane Sandy hit, Richards and daughters Eloise, Lola, and Sam headed to the East Coast to ravaged Long Island in an effort to help with the pets forced into shelters. During this visit, Richards adopted a Labrador puppy from the North Shore Animal League to assist in the relief efforts of Hurricane Sandy.

This story was very close to my heart because I too lost my beloved cat “Patra” this past November after having her for almost 20 years. She was certainly close to my heart and like Richards mentioned how her dog had been there thru everything with her, I too felt the same way about my girl Patra.

It is certainly difficult to lose a pet that is oftentimes more like a child to you, especially after having them for so many years. When you lose them, there is certainly the feeling of a presence gone from your life, but all you can do is be thankful for the time you had with them and cherish all the wonderful and funny memories you have of them.

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