Thursday, 24 January 2013

In offence of Beyonce: Let’s see her sing the National Anthem

In offence of Beyonce: Let’s see her sing the National Anthem

A big part of our job here at is to talk about what’s trending in pop culture. Many times these topics lead us to debate and discuss hard hitting topics like “Justin Bieber’s dropped-crotch pants: Fashion do or don’t”. Actually, that one had a consensus in the DON’T field. But this week’s story has our team divided.

This morning, my darling co-worker Aimee wrote in defense of Beyonce’s alleged lip syncing scandal during Monday’s inauguration of President Obama. Everyone knows Beyonce can sing, so who cares if she used a pre-recorded track? Temperatures dipped to 44 degrees Fahrenheit, making it difficult for Beyonce to hit all the necessary notes! Plus, the pressure of singing live in front of millions is intimidating.

Good points, Aimee. But I don’t care.

I’m still hoping that all of these rumours of Bey lip synching are just that, rumours. But the longer Beyonce stays silent, the more it looks like these rumours are true. Yes, Beyonce can sing. No one is arguing that fact. But sing! Make a mistake! Don’t be perfect! Just be human! This is a woman who has made millions with her voice. Weeks ago we reported that Beyonce and her husband Jay Z spent $200,000 on their daughter Blue Ivy’s first birthday. You know who paid for that party? We did. With every album sale, concert ticket and pair of Dereon jeans. Is it so much to ask for in return that we get a live performance? I already bought the album.

We live in a culture where celebrities are wearing fake eyelashes while they pump gas and have secret surgeries to look the same way they did ten years ago. Lance Armstrong, one of the most celebrated athletes of the 21st Century, was recently stripped of Tour de France titles after admitting to doping. Anything less than the best is no longer an option. This is a society that breeds the need for perfection and it’s got to stop somewhere. I want a pop singer that is okay with missing a note in favour of giving a real, live performance.

Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. Maybe we should just accept that most singers use backing tracks and that’s just the way of the future. But it sucks. Teaching young people to fake it instead of making it is the wrong message. Yes, Beyonce has paid her dues. Yes, she’s proven time and time again that she’s an amazing singer. But is it so much to ask for her to sing live every time she sings, well, live?! You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be real.

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