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Jillian Michaels admits she can’t do exercises just like before

Jillian Michaels admits she can’t do exercises just like before

Jillian Michaels admits she cant do exercises just like beforeFans are used to fitness expert Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” as an example of a hard driving trainer. Yet, the 38-year-old mother of two, with partner Heidi Rhoades, sang a different tune in an interview with In Touch Magazine in their Feb. 4 print edition, as reported at Celeb Dirty Laundry. “You learn real quick what matters and what doesn’t,” said Michaels. “It used to be easy for me to work out, but I don’t have as much time now.”

The revelation may be surprising to some. Hard driving trainers are big on the concept of “excuses are useless.”

At The Naked Truth, of the Top 10 excuses, number two is “I have kids. I really don’t have time to exercise.” In response to that excuse, the site reports, “That’s simply not true. If you have time to watch your favorite soap on TV, then you have the time to exercise. It’s simply a matter of prioritizing and organizing. Make your health a priority and sit down and organize your week. With a little shuffling and juggling, you’ll find that it’s easy enough to take 30 minutes out every day to exercise.”

It appears that Michaels has incorporated that philosophy into her new busy life as a mom. “I can’t do my 90-minute yoga sessions anymore, so now I cycle in the morning for 30 minutes,” said Michaels. “I’m teaching [our kids] early about healthy food and getting them involved with our meals-they’ll be in our backyard garden, hitting the farmers market with us, cooking dinners. [My partner and I] get them doing activities they love, so fitness is fun.”

In Aug. 2012, Michaels came to Chicago and led a spinning class at Chicago’s Flywheel, an indoor cycling studio.

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