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Movie Review – INKAAR

Movie Review – INKAAR


Arjun Rampal, Chitrangada Singh


Sudhir Mishra

A bold movie on sexual harassment that turns out to be an actual harassment for the audience.

Set in the backdrop of an ad agency KK & Doyle, the film revolves around Rahul varma (Arjun Rampal) and Maya luthra(chitrangadha Singh). Rahul is the CEO of the agency and Maya is a copywriter. But that’s only how it starts. As the movie progresses, we see maya climbing the ladder by her own ways that start seemingly questionable.

The screenplay of the entire film looks similar to “THE SOCIAL NETWORK”. It starts with an inquiry by the members of the company headed by a social worker Mrs. Kamdhar(Deepti Naval). Most films set in the advertising backdrop in the past like JHANKAR BEATS have captured the imagination of the multiplex audience but this one only seems to be fascinating in aspects where there is depiction of the ad world culture.

Rahul hires Maya and mentors her into a strong advertising professional. Romance brews between the two only to fall apart as she climbs the ladder and even goes on to become a member of the board of directors and national creative head. Professional jealousy creeps in and work interference leads to a cold war between the two. It eventually ends up in a sexual harassment case. The sexual
harassment case though seems impossible to crack with both versions having strong points to drive them home safely.

The director though doesn’t take sides but shows both sides of the game leaving us to imagine what could have been possible. Sudhir Mishra keeps it pretty realistic without letting the Bollywood
stereotypes coming in.

The movie though realistic fails to fascinate. The lead actors fail to impress. Arjun Rampal once again proves he is too bland to act. Chitrangada looks stunning and sexy but delivers only in parts where her looks do more talking than the acting books. There is nothing much for any of the other characters. The music seems just OK thanks to the director keeping it only as an underline to the scenes. The script looks pretty weak and a subject like this needs more intensity and thought process. Densest look like a Sudhir
Mishra film at all. the plus points are the glamor of Chitrangada, the advertising world that always looks interesting to watch and most importantly easy tickets.

On the whole, an average film that can be waited for a television telecast. Watch it only if u belong or aspire to be in the adverting world. Else , you can rather watch an alien movie and feel the same.
Brilliant plot wasted.


I strongly INKAAR

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