Sunday, 20 January 2013

Salman Khan’s Rs.500crore deal with Star India

Salman Khan’s Rs.500crore deal with Star India

Salman Khan

Salman Khan made a come-back of sorts with the 2009 blockbuster – Wanted. Since then, he has given back to back hits and has become a brand of sorts. There I no doubt about his caliber and his brand value has always been a topic of discussion. And now, reportedly Salman Khan has struck a Rs.500 crore deal with an entertainment channel.

Apparently this deal is a first of its kind in the country as it is an agreement that all of Salman’s movies that will be released in the next five years will be aired by the channel.

Owing to the fact that Salman Khan is a very popular actor and a recent analysis which showed his prowess in the social media as well, looks like the star has struck a chord with the audiences of all age groups. If we check a list of all his movies in the recent years, eight of his films have crossed the Rs.100cr mark!

But all days are not rosy are they? Five years is a really long time don’t you think? Well, touch wood! As of now, let’s raise a toast to his success!

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