Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stop what you’re doing and praise – Destiny’s Child to release new music!

Stop what you’re doing and praise – Destiny’s Child to release new music!

ERMAHGHERD!!! The day we only dreamed of has come to fruition. Beyonce has announced on her site that yes, Destiny’s Child is going to release new music! Queen Bey posted a picture of the three women, including herself along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, with the line “I AM SO PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE FIRST ORIGINAL DESTINY’S CHILD MUSIC IN EIGHT YEARS! – BEYONCÉ”. I’m glad she shouted that in all caps. It saved me from doing it myself.

The new album (okay, it doesn’t say ‘album’, I’m just assuming) will be titled Love Songs. This will mark the first piece of music from DC3 since their fifth studio album in 2004 with Destiny Fulfilled, which was billed as the band’s final album before breaking up. Since the trio parted ways, Beyonce has released four albums, Michelle Williams has released three albums and Kelly Rowland has released three albums with Year of the Woman to be released in 2013.

The new disc from Destiny’s Child is available now to be pre-ordered on Amazon, though little information is given on whether this will be a greatest hits disc or will include new material. Beyonce refers to the new disc as “the first original music in eight year”, which I’m assuming means we will be hearing new material from the band on a greatest hits disc. I’ll take it!


Full article at: Celebrity Gossip


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