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Whitney Houston mom angry Whitney died alone

Whitney Houston mom angry Whitney died alone

Whitney Houston mom angry Whitney died aloneWhitney Houston’s mom, Cissy Houston, is angry that her daughter died “alone.” Just about one year since Whitney’s sudden passing, her mother has written a book about Whitney’s life and how she feels about the tragedy. On Jan. 23, PEOPLE Magazine shared some excerpts from the book.

“[Whitney] started partying and she didn’t really know how to stop. I used to wonder what she was doing at night, where she was. Whitney hid from me,” Cissy wrote. As most people know, Whitney and her mother were very close, but Whitney did not share her “demons” with her mom, so to speak.

Whitney Houston’s mom bit her tongue many times just because she didn’t want to push her daughter away. When she wanted to say something about Whitney or about the company she was keeping Cissy asked herself, “What was the point?” She felt that if she spoke up, Whitney would hide even more. “I didn’t want her to run completely away from me,” Cissy explains, almost defending herself.

Cissy talks about Bobby Brown and her daughter’s relationship with him. She also spoke about Houston’s friend and assistant, Robyn Crawford. However, through all of the relationships and the secrets, Cissy has one regret. “I’m angry she died alone, in those conditions. I’m still mad about that,” she reveals.

Whitney Houston’s mom’s book is called “Remembering Whitney.” It is currently available at most book retail stores.

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