Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Harry Styles got shoe-d on stage

Harry Styles got shoe-d on stage


Sooo… Harry got sacked onstage with a shoe. Yep. That happened. While at a show in Glasglow, a shoe was thrown onstage and Harry managed to catch it. The second foot though? Caught him square in the nuts. Directioner Jade Anderson apparently threw the offensive shoe. Jade wrote on Twitter, “Harry Styles I’m the one that threw my shoe at you, I never meant to hurt you.” Jade also tweeted, “The police were telling me that I “Committed a criminal assault’ and I could have killed him.” Jade continued, “I just wanted to touch him. I didn’t mean to hit him and I’ve tweeted him to say sorry.”

We’re sorry, Harry. That probably sucked. Watch the video below, it happens around the 0:25 mark.


Full article at: Celebrity Gossip


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