Thursday, 28 February 2013

No stingray photobombs on Beyonce’s watch

No stingray photobombs on Beyonce’s watch


Beyonce is the queen of the sneaker wedge, having been spotted numerous occasions with her trademark Isabel Marant black kicks on her blog and in her video for Love On Top. Perfectly Made Kicks has tailor made a pair modeled after the Isabel Marant shoe for Beyonce and created it with the skin of stingray, ostrich, calf hair, crocodile, and anaconda. Check out the sneaker below in a picture from Perfectly Made Kicks’ Facebook. Pretty sure PETA will have a problem with these shoes (and Beyonce).


Check out Beyonce’s video for Love On Top here and tell us if you’d rock sneakers with stingray on them in the comments section below.

[videoembed2 clipid=553884]


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