Monday, 4 March 2013

Trailer of “Satya 2″ is unveiled

Trailer of “Satya 2″ is unveiled

satya 2

Ram Gopal Varma, who has been struggling to deliver a successful movie since Sarkar Raj is relieved after the positive response from the critics and crowd for his latest movie “The Attacks of 26 /11”, he released the first theatrical trailer of much awaited “Satya 2” with “The Attacks of 26/11”.

“Satya 2″ is a sequel for the 1998 classic “Satya” which was about underworld of Mumbai. “satya” was the movie that made RGV an iconic director and influenced lot of young directors in turn created a whole new genre in Indian Cinema .

However, Satya-2 is neither the continuation nor it has any similar characters of its prequel. RGV comes up with completely fresh characters but trailer has already started giving impression that movie will be about new face of Mumbai underworld.

RGV says ” The movie will be completely different compared to Satya, only similarity between them is the theme which is Mumbai underworld. Most of the movie’s cast will be of new comers with great potential and i am sure movie will live up to the expectations”

The movie is also shot in Telugu with different actors and will be released in Tamil too, release date is not yet confirmed .

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