Thursday, 7 March 2013

Watch the first trailer from The Hangover 3

Watch the first trailer from The Hangover 3


The final installment of The Hangover won’t be released until late spring, but today you can watch a sneak peek of the absolute insanity that will take place during the conclusion of the trilogy. That’s right, the movie that started with Mike Tyson and a missing tooth is now grouped into films like The Hobbit and Batman. It’s awesome.

Thankfully, this sneak peek of the third film already looks like an improvement from The Hangover 2, which made no qualms about using the exact same script as the first film. The usual suspects reunite for a funeral, which for some reason inspires them to burn down Las Vegas. Oh, and Heather Graham is back and Melissa McCarthy has joined the cast. So that’s pretty sweet.

The Hangover 3 hits threatres on May 24.

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